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What do we do?

We advise and support businesses in management and change. We ingrain a culture of continual improvement focused on customer value into the DNA of businesses. That is how we ensure a permanent competitive advantage, growth and increasing revenues.

We optimise processes – reduce process times, eliminate waste and improve quality. We develop teams – by re-discovering their potential, commitment and improving efficiency. We build strategy and change culture – by setting a new course, working with beliefs and habits thus ensuring the changes we implement are permanent.

We have created a synthesis of kaizen philosophies, lean tools and extensive business and psychological experience. Therefore, we are able to see problems from the point of view of the entire enterprise and its environment. We are able to reach the unseen causes of problems and work out effective solutions.

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Our team


Emil Osiewicz
Kaizen Expert
Wojciech Suda
Kaizen Expert


Sofia Lelakowska
Content Related Partner
Wiesław Karpowicz
Tomasz Mierzwa
Innovation and Development Manager
Konrad Gurbała
Kaizen Consultant
Maciej Drzewiecki
Agata Lula
Kaizen Consultant

Join us

We like changes at Kaizendo. Some of us prefer sweeping and rapid, others gradual, implemented a step at a time. We consider all well thought out change to be the basis for growth. Changes allow one to pit the current experience, knowledge and beliefs against new circumstances, which is always beneficial.

We value ambition, invention and own initiative. We do not strangle ideas. We also try not to wear corporate suits (and we certainty do not wear ties).

If you’re not afraid of change or dealing with new situations, if you seek challenges and want to develop your skills whilst working at a consultancy firm, which specialises in kaizen philosophy and lean methodology, then:

  • Write about one habit which you recently formed.
  • Send us a link to your LinkedIn profile.
  • Also send your CV with a photograph to us.

We will reply within 48 hours (otherwise we’ll treat you to a coffer and an hour’s free presentation on kaizen or lean).

Write to us

Kaizendo Sp. z o.o.
al. Niepodległości 245 lok. 17
02-009 Warszawa

tel.: 696 025 895
mail: info@kaizendo.pl

Company registration details:
NIP: 701 051 38 80
REGON: 362 777 685
KRS: 0000581214