A customer form the pharmaceutical industry wanted to improve the product development process which lasted 120 weeks. This is a particularly significant process in this sector as trends change very quickly and new products appear frequently. In order to remain competitive one has to have an efficient New Product Development process.



New product development process reduced by 50% Reduction of OPEX costs for the process.

We set ourselves an ambitious target for the process to be even shorter than specified by the customer. This made it possible to think out of the box and try to take a fresh look at the process. The fact that dermocosmetics have to be manufactured pursuant to a regime similar to that for the manufacture of drugs was an additional challenge as it imposed numerous restrictions on the project process.

We devoted more than a month to collecting data and preparation of a three-day kaizen optimisation workshop, which was attended by key persons participating in the process. They represented different departments, on order for the process to be analysed in as a comprehensive format as possible (inter alia Procurement, Marketing, R&D, Production, Logistics, Regulatory, etc.).

Step one comprised mapping of the current process state. The result surprised the participants – the map was more than 10 meters long!

Once conclusions were made and following initial analyses, we prepared the subsequent part of the workshops during which we designed the shape of the future process. We managed to establish three process standards:

  • Quick Win – 20 weeks (+/- 4),
  • Standard – 60 weeks (+/- 6),
  • Extended – 100 weeks (+/- 12).

The results described as the standard option satisfied the initial workshop objectives. Additionally, we created a fast product modification track, for exceptional situations, which would last for approximately 20 weeks.

Then we defined the subsequent steps and assigned responsibilities so as to facilitate implementation of the new process prototype.


  • Process time reduced from 120 to even as little as 20 weeks.
  • Three standards for developing new products.
  • Reduction of both CAOPEX and OPEX costs.
  • Definition of a plan for further improvement of accompanying processes (standardisation of production formulas, further standardisation of packaging, further process time reduction).